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24 Jul 0 287
Well before I start reviewing all aspects of this show let me say that this is by far the best sci-fi time travel series I have ever watched. Well, I will try to stir clear from any major spoilers so that you could go ahead and share it with your group of friends and convert them into "Dark" fans fo..
18 Jul 0 190
NOTE: No Spoilers!This is a review of the Netflix show “Anne with an E” featuring my thoughts and opinions for this show. Well, not everybody has the same taste so if you differ from my opinion then good for you but it is just me saying what I feel is a gem of a show should be given a try.#renewanne..
04 Jun 1 304
Plots Radar looking for theories ahead. : 13RW 13 reasons why is a show with a social cause. This adaptation to Jay Asher's bestseller with the same name. This Netflix show paved its way through the book discussing the serious matter of suicide among young adults and how the guardians often miss out..
03 May 0 287
Rick & Morty is a dark take on adult humor. It is an adult sci-fi animated series set around the adventures of a Grandfather & Grandson. It is the latest turn on the humor street. It is funny, zany, dark & quick-witted with great comic timing. The show revolves around characters such as Rick Sanchez..
02 May 0 228
Image-source: weekend is about to be getting into the daddy business as it was confirmed by him through a certain tweet that he will be a part of the next episode of the popular TBS network sitcom American Dad!  Amer..
19 Apr 0 404
The series which has not only been one of the most successful and highest-grossing series of all time but has also managed to make a humongous Fandom for itself is the infamous Game of Thrones. GOT was a kaleidoscope when it came to the portrayal of emotions. It was filled with all different person..
19 Apr 0 373
The latest addition to the CW network is indeed another teen supernatural & mystery drama, modern spin to another beloved childhood story 'Nancy Drew'. At first, everyone was quick to point out how this series is a take to modernizing a classic childhood memory but still has managed to capture tha..
19 Apr 0 344
A series that trends even more than all the existing trends, even the cute cats & dogs and dalgona coffee is the Season 4 of the infamous Netflix's Spanish crime series Money Heist. Money Heist is originally a crime series of Spanish origin and was actually known earlier as La Casa De Papel. Aft..
19 Apr 0 305
One of the most thrilling and interesting series based on sci-fi thrillers is HBO's 'Westworld'. Westworld brings you a brilliant insight into the future. A world where your basic theme parks are overtaken by much more futuristic versions. A theme park with different parts dedicated to differen..
30 Mar 2 378
The brand-new show on the block and the show with a lot of talks is none other than Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ which is constantly being compared to GOT since the moment of its release.Being a Got fan and a Witcher supported the only thing I can say is not to compare these two as even after sharing..
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