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Sayyed Adil 05 Sep 0 374
The last century has given us some of the greatest movies of all time from great sci-fi set-pieces to 3-hour long mob flicks. These movies have impacted our pop-culture to a great extent, and dialogues and scenes from these movies are still referenced and parodied to this day. With that said, let’s ..
Ayush Falor Akshay Fulzele 29 Aug 0 133
As the 2019-20 Premier League season has drawn to a close, it is time to focus on the future. Especially in a time where the season turnaround time is much shorter than usual, at only 6 weeks. The transfer window opening on 27th July is vital, as new players have a truly short amount of time to sett..
Pattanaik Meghna 27 Aug 0 179
With the ever-expanding lockdown, you can’t see your favorite gal-pals this year. The fun slumber parties and movie-nights with our girlfriends have come to a halt for many of my single-ladies out there. Well with features such as Netflix Party or Watch2gether it is very much possible to maintain th..
Sawant Pooja 25 Aug 0 368
                             Childhood is the best part of everyone's life and we the 90's kids have the blessing and gift of best-animated cartoons. Which made our childhood more memorable. So, here are fifteen 90's cartoons which will take you back to memory lane.Looney Tunes:..
Sawant Pooja 15 Aug 0 219
Mozart in the jungle is a series of 4 seasons fully packed with the symphony of emotions. This series has a beautiful plot; that is the life of New York symphony, which goes behind the scenes of an orchestra which consists of world-famous musicians; also, it's a perfect pl..
13 Aug 0 298
 Lion King is one of the greatest animated movies of all time, the childhood movie resides in a special place in the hearts of many people. The Story took its inspiration from many sources like Hamlet and the tale of Joseph and Moses from the Bible. But the one thing it doesn’t give credit to i..
Fulzele Akshay 11 Aug 0 187
Dutchman Frank Rijkaard won 5 trophies during his 5-year tenure at FC Barcelona. That is impressive for any manager at any club but combining that with the fact that the club had not won a single trophy in the 3 years prior to his arrival, makes him seem like an amazing coach. He is their 3rd most s..
Gupta Dhruv 27 Jul 0 240
Lord’s is the one place where you walk and immediately feel the weight of history, its culture and its tradition. Known as the ‘home of cricket’, Lord’s is the most famous cricket ground in the world. Playing in a test at lord’s still remain to many cricketers the pinnacle of their career. ..
Pattanaik Meghna 24 Jul 0 276
Well before I start reviewing all aspects of this show let me say that this is by far the best sci-fi time travel series I have ever watched. Well, I will try to stir clear from any major spoilers so that you could go ahead and share it with your group of friends and convert them into "Dark" fans fo..
Pattanaik Meghna 21 Jul 0 200
The two prominent superhero houses we have are Marvel & DC. While the differences between these two have quite a list of their own but one that strikes the most to me is that for most cases while Marvel superheroes slowly develop from ordinary people to the superhero they are when it comes to DC it ..
Ayush Falor Akshay Fulzele 19 Jul 0 254
Bayern Munich have been excellent in Europe for several years now, which makes them well known across the globe, and some may even have heard about Borussia Dortmund. However, the real stories this season have come from the likes of RB Leipzig, Borussia Mönchengladbach (BMG), Bayer 04 Leverkusen and..
Sayyed Adil 19 Jul 0 387
It is said that a reader lives 1000 lives, while a person who doesn’t, only lives one.  It is scientifically proven that reading not only helps us with improving our memory and knowledge, but is also increases our empathy and improves our imagination as we have to imagine every scent, face, location..
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